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"Not only is Ashley an expert in her field, she is an expert at TEACHING what she knows. (This is a rare pairing, indeed!) Ashley came to our online event ready to slay--and she did! I was truly impressed by her level of preparation. Ashley went to great lengths to intentionally create a presentation that would not just impress, but impact on a deep level. Attendees reported to me afterward how they learned so much, but they were also able to better APPLY what they learned, thanks to Ashley's doable approach. We'd love to have her back!"

Monica Packer



> Finding Routine In Your Everyday

3 powerful steps to rock your routine

> Your Morning Matters

How to create a morning routine that refreshes your mind, body, and soul

> Routines For A Better Business

What it takes to create routines that strengthen your impact and revenue

"I absolutely love working with Ashley of Routine & Things!  She is easy to collaborate with and really has become the "go to expert" when any of the mothers I work with need help with their routines.  In March 2021, Ashley agreed to speak at our Balanced Working Mama Retreat and presented on the topic of building routines that work!  This was such a hit for the mamas who attended the retreat, and I even found myself taking notes on the information she presented.  Ashley has a way of breaking down the process of building and maintaining routines in a way that I've never seen and that truly makes sense for anyone who is listening.  I highly recommend working with Ashley." 

Dr. Amber Thornton


Past Events

"We were so thrilled to get the opportunity to share Ashley's wisdom with our retreat attendees!  Our group was mostly made up of women who have a lot on their plate to tackle - from family, to work, to business building, to self-care and everything in between, and most of them reported they always felt like there wasn't enough time to take care of the things that were most important to them.  ENTER ASHLEY.  Ashley taught us how to create simple, sustainable, and fun routines and rhythms that not only created more time for the things we love, but also more time for the things that we need to get done.  Her routines were so approachable that they could literally be applied to ANY part of your life that could benefit from a bit more structure.  We left her session feeling empowered and inspired to start small, and build on little steps that make a big difference.  Ashley's work is truly life changing, and we love everything she is doing!" 

Laura Bruner and Jess Gaertner


Courtney Florey


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