You want peace.

To wake up to a clean home… To step out of bed refreshed…To be fully present for the moments that matter. Learn to create life-giving routines that put you on a path to having the peace of mind you need right now. 



The Rock Your Routine Training™ gives you everything you need to identify your core problem areas, create a customized routine specific to your needs, and will equip you with the right tools (plus mindset) to stay on track.



When life becomes too stressful we tend to search for strategies and solutions to help us be more productive and ignore the fact that majority of your stress is coming from consistently doing actions that don't align with how you want to feel.


So to alleviate the stress, you invest in short term, cookie-cutter solutions that only bandaids the real problem (like decluttering your entire home, planning for a few weeks, and taking a long overdue bubble bath).


And because the solutions don't fix the true problem, you find yourself back stretched thin, stressed and on the hamster wheel of chaos.

The Rock Your Routine Training™ breaks this cycle.


Create sustainable routines that break old habits and produce new patterns of healthy behavior.
Here's how you'll do it.

Identify your TRUE needs. 

First, you'll uncover what's been keeping you stressed and stuck. You'll identify the core problem areas in your life and investigate how your thinking has led to your behavior so you can be more successful in creating new habits.

Create a systemized flow that CONSISTENTLY meets your needs.

Next, you'll learn to create a customized routine that flows with your natural rhythm and current season of life so you begin to reap the benefits immediately.

Gain and KEEP momentum.

Don't let life's curveballs throw you off course. Lastly, you'll learn to equip yourself with the mental and physical tools needed to keep moving in the right direction so you don't end up returning to old unhealthy habits.


Hey there, I'm Ashley!  




Two years ago, I traded in teaching full time to fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom. That dream quickly turned into a nightmare . I was constantly cleaning, rarely got a chance to sit down and be present with my girls, and I began to loose myself in housework. After months of trying different online schedules, pretty planners, and organizing tips that only made me feel like I was doing more work, I started creating routines that specifically catered to my needs. I'm happy to report my life has been uphill since then.

I know routines work because I've used them to turn my home into my haven. No more feeling buried under housework, no more guilt for not spending meaningful time with my children, no more wishing I had time for me. Routines got me to a place of peace and continue to keep me here and I know they can do the same for you.

I created the Rock Your Routine Training™ to move you towards what you need most in life right now. A handle on home, a plan to make it happen, and a more peaceful you. Let's get you there!


Curious if it's right for you?

I'm committed to getting you results and seeing you thrive. This solution isn't your typical quick fix. It will take investing your time and energy to see the full fruits of your labor, but I promise you, in the end it will be well worth it!

This training is just what you need if:

  • You don't have any routines right now or the routines you do have keep you stuck in a cycle of stress - going to bed late and getting up late has become your norm.

  • You're loosing your cool more often from pressure to be the perfect mom but all you really want is to enjoy your children as much as possible.

  • You're BEYOND busy and overwhelmed because you have little to no help at home and silently suffer to do it all. Quietly cried in the shower lately?

  • Most of the time, you're burnt out and frustrated by the end of the day trying to complete your never ending to-do list. You know, that list you've tried completing for the last 3 days.

  • You have a thousand things on your mind and wish you had the time to think without being pulled in so many directions.

  • Your anxiety is at an all time high. You're on the verge of a breakdown and can't afford to continue to live life this way nor do you want to.

If this is you, let's get you on a path to living the life you know you deserve.


This self-paced course includes 3 core video lessons that teaches you step by step how to create routines that put you on your path to peace.


test your truth
review your routines
ignite your intention

In this lesson, you'll do mindset work to uncover what got you to this point as well as easily identify what your core needs are so you're prepared and set up to succeed.

Part of this lesson includes taking a fun and detailed assessment of your current routines.


salute your season
solidify your steps
pilot your pattern

This lesson walks you step by step through how to create sustainable routines specific to you and your needs so you consistently flow through life with ease and intention.

You'll take a quiz to help align your routine with your natural flow as well as what you’re in need of most right now.


recognize your resistance
top your tools
praise your progress

This final lesson keeps the momentum going by equipping you with specific tools needed on your journey so you stay on track with your new peaceful lifestyle.

Get ready to learn about my notorious Routine Resistance Wheel!




“In March, as the world was shutting down, I gave birth to my fifth child. Simultaneously, I met my teenage nephew and it was decided that he should be homeschooled along side my two oldest children. My brain was stretched thin and the peace in my home began to take the brunt of my heavy load. After going through the Rock Your Routine Training, I saw that I could be all the things I was called to be if there was a routine in place and a strategy to make it happen. Most importantly, and most recently I realized that my home's peace directly correlates to my peace. The self care routine that this training has helped me establish is not just about making time for myself but it has provided me with an opportunity to be filled with grace so that I can overflow and pour out grace on those in my care.” 


“When I first became a mom, I thought I had to be the perfect caregiver and homemaker and I felt like a failure every day. The pressure I was putting on myself was overwhelming and the chaos I felt made motherhood extremely difficult for me. That is why I am so thankful I found Ashley and learned all about how routines could bring peace to my home and my life. I have learned how to plan my weeks in a way that works best for me and my family, be flexible with my planning and routines, and to keep things simple. Implementing strong routines in my home and life has put my mind at ease, allowed me to be in the moment more with my family, helped me make time for my own self-care, and has helped me enjoy being in my home more.




The Benefits Are Endless

This program will help you conquer the chaos plus so much more!

A Clear Head

Lessen your (mental) load. This training will help you declutter your mind so you have the space to focus on what truly matters without mental clutter getting in the way.

More Joy

You deserve to be happy and enjoy life. Creating systems that bring you ease will allow you to be your best which means less stress and more smiles!

Memorable Moments

Can you remember the last time you were fully present with your children? Having the wisdom to make a sustainable change will open up space for you to create lasting memories you'll cherish forever.

A Happy Home

As women, we are the anchors of our families. Learning to regain control of your home means more opportunity to invest in consistently caring for yourself because when you thrive, your family thrives.

Plus, you'll get access to a private, intimate community

A group of like minded women on the path to peace may be exactly what you need to take control of your life.


What happens after I purchase the training?

After you purchase, you will receive an email to your inbox with access to our platform/community where the training and all supporting materials are housed.

Can you tell me more about the platform/community?

The platform is where you will be able to access the training. It hosts our own intimate community of amazing women away from social media. This means you can focus on going through the program without the million distractions of likes and comments. Plus you can download our community mobile app to access the training whenever away from your computer.

I have zero routines. Will this training help me create any routine?

Yes it will! This training intentionally teaches you core principles that can be applied and used to create ANY routine. Need a laundry routine, no problem. Looking to create a morning routine, I got you covered.

How long will it take to complete the training?

Honestly, this depends on you. This is a self paced training intentionally designed to fit into YOUR life. You can do the training in a few hours, 1 day, or spread it out over a month. Although I do recommend not rushing through the program, the amount of time you spend going through it is totally up to you.

You're always working hard, time to play a little.

There's even more goodies throughout the program.


Finding your peace shouldn't be boring. There's fun sprinkled throughout the program to make you smile along the way. Get ready to take out your kids' craft supplies!


If you struggle with creating routines, no worries. I've created a bonus workbook full of routine examples to give you all the inspiration you need.


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Rock Your Routine Training™

Everything You Need on the Path To Peace

Thought work. Structured Guidance. Actionable steps. Practical Tools.
And a community that's rooting for you!

This training brings it all together.


Women are changing their lives one routine at a time.

"Ashley's point of view and approach to creating routines has really transformed my mindset. I was absolutely the 'do all the things mom', but after applying the teachings from her training, I am consistently feeling more peace throughout my day."

- Timmeshia Wilson

"Ashley has helped me realize that routines don't have to be scary or rigid. Instead, they can be flexible and imperfect, and still make a huge impact. She also helped me realize that routines actually give me more time and freedom instead of taking them away."

- Nicole Kristen

"Ashley makes creating routines simple. My biggest takeaway was planning around resistance or things that may interfere with a routine. In the past, I would've just thrown the whole routine away, but now I plan around inevitable distractions. Thank you Ashley for this approach to simplifying life."

- Maia Jolé


You deserve to be your best, to feel your best, to live your best life. There's no better time than now to begin the journey towards a peaceful life and happier you. 

(limited time only)