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Learn to create lasting routines that keep away stress using the Rock Your Routine Training™

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Imagine This...

You wake up bright and early in the morning, excited to get your day started. You immediately dive into your morning routine which includes

-making a cup of your favorite coffee

-reading a few pages of a good book

-creating a plan for the day

You already know what's for dinner tonight thanks to the meal plan you created over the weekend. The laundry has been folded and put away because you finally have a routine you can stick to. Plus you're feeling like mom of the year because your children are thriving in their new routine that keeps them excited and engaged.

After some family time and putting the kids to bed (at 7:30 on the dot), you get started with your exercise routine by turning on a home workout because you're committed to a healthier lifestyle. Once you get in a good sweat, you make your way to the shower to begin your bedtime routine. You

-light your favorite smelling candle

-journal to reflect on your day

-say a bedtime prayer

You close your eyes and end the day with a happy heart, feeling at peace and ready to conquer tomorrow.

Sounds like a dream? Better yet, this could be your reality!

In this 40-minute video training you'll:

Learn the
T.E.A Approach

My signature process that teaches you how to create routines step by step.

Identify Your
First of Five

Easily determine which routine to start based upon your needs right now.

Discover the
Routine Resistance Wheel

Learn a tool that will help you stay consistent with your routine even when you feel like calling it quits.

Master Your

Over 21 days, track your progress and wins so you build the confidence and endurance to stay on track.

Bonus Points!

You'll also become a lifetime member of the Routine Wellness Community

Who doesn't love a little support along the way?

Once you get access to the training, you will also join an amazing community of women rocking their routines along side you. The support within the community will help you stay on track and focused day after day! Plus becoming a member gives you access to future events, trainings, and giveaways-because we're all about celebrating your wins!

I'm ready to get started!

"I highly recommend the Rock Your Routine Training. It is an easy way to map out your routines, anticipate your set backs, and turn you routines into habits."


"Well organized and you were very clear and organized in your teaching! I walked away with a few action items to put into practice right away."


"Thanks for what you're doing to help women! Routines are something I've always struggled with. You helped me to understand my WHY and to see what's been standing in my way."


Worried about adding one more thing to your plate?

In less than 45 minutes of your time, you could move towards having

Smoother days

Having more consistency and order is just what you need right now.

Less stress

Conquer the chaos by having a predictable plan for how your days will go.

A more peaceful you

You deserve to live a beautiful life full of joy and peace.

Who am I?

I'm Ashley. The creator and owner of Routine and Things™ and self proclaimed routine queen. I'm here to help you get and stay in your happy place using routines because who doesn't deserve to do a happy dance every single day!

I believe routines are a form of wellness (like yoga and nutrient packed foods-but more fun) and will strongly help to improve your home, yourself, and your life. Don't believe me? Keep reading.

About two years ago, I traded in teaching full time to living the dream stay at home mom life. That dream quickly turned into a nightmare on elm street. I was constantly cleaning or thinking about cleaning, I rarely got a chance to sit down and be present with my girls, and I quickly began to loose myself in housework. After months of trying different schedules, planning tactics, and organizing tips that only made me feel like I was doing more work, I tried routines (because God said so, and I wasn't about to say no to God). And my life has only gotten richer since then.

I know routines work because I've used them to turn my home into my haven. No more feeling buried under housework, no more guilt for not spending meaningful time with my family, no more wishing I had time for me. Routines got me to this point and continue to keep me here and I know they can do the same for you.

I created the Rock Your Routine Training™ to move you towards what you need most in life right now. A handle on home, structure and sanity, and a more peaceful you. Let's get you there!


What will happen next after I sign up?

Once you sign up, you will instantly gain access to the Rock Your Routine Training™ and the Routine Wellness Community. Everything you need is within the community which includes accompanying worksheets, and helpful bonuses!

What if I'm worried about adding one more thing to my plate?

I've intentionally created the Rock Your Routine Training™ to take up the least amount of your time as possible. The training is comprised of 5 video lessons that will take you less that 45 minutes to complete. Each lesson is less than 10 minutes each which means you can watch all lessons in one sitting or one lesson at a time, it's totally up to you. But I guarantee the time you take to complete the training will free up even more time for you in the future.

I've tried routines before and they never seem to stick. How will this help me remain consistent?

The Rock Your Routine Training™ was specifically designed to teach you how to create routines step by step as well as inform you of what it really takes to maintain your routine. Provided in the training are specific principles and strategies for staying consistent with your routine plus you'll have myself and the community of members for additional support if needed.

"The Routine Resistance Wheel was my biggest takeaway. I never thought to plan around resistances that may arise."


"I had not been able to put all the pieces together into a full, actionable whole. Seeing the step by step process in workbook form was the biggest takeaway and is something that I can use again and again."


"I love how simple Ashley's process is to set up effective routines. She helped me to see things in a new way, and to be excited to make changes that will last."


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